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Greetings, friends!
I’m glad to welcome you on this website

My name is Marshall. Moscow­-born, I am a man of martial arts — sportsman, coach, journalist and activist. For the last 5 years I’ve been successfully competing in multiple combat styles of martial arts, been engaged into varied training and mentoring work promoting human fitness and well­being via sport culture.

By means of this website I would like to bring outstanding knowledge and skills the Russian combat schools have perfected over decades to a wider international audience of sports aficionados, and basically anyone wanting to grow physically and spiritually.


­­- Master of Sport of Russia (International Class) in combat sambo
­­- European champion in combat sambo (2013)
­­- Champion of the VII Olympiad “West­-East” in martial arts (combat sambo, 2013)
­­- Vice­champion of Russia in combat sambo (2013)
­­- The Club “Alliance” Cup winner in MMA (2013)
­­- Winner of the Russian Orthodox Championship in combat sambo (2012)
­­- Winner and medalist of various national and international tournaments in combat sambo (since 2010)
­­- Moscow Oblast champion in grappling (2013)
­­- Champion of the Moscow and regional tournaments in Greco­-Roman wrestling (2008­2010) ­­ A degree in psychology/pedagogy from the Moscow Institute of Physical Education and Sport

I know this saying for quite a while now: “The arrow and the target in the end is a single whole.” Considering that, let’s get started…


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