Feedback from athletes professionals


In connection with my coming seminars, I’ve recently asked a good friend of mine, journalist Maria Yugova , to collect opinions about my work from the famed sportsmen I’ve been working with. After I got the material from Maria, I was hesitating whether to publish it or not, as the… Read more

I have taken part in the round-table discussion


I have taken part in the round-table discussion held at the State Duma of Russia on interaction between the Orthodox church and sport; protopope Viktor Ivanov has invited me to the meeting. We have expressed our views on the questions important to us, have listened to other views and problems…. Read more

I started working with SC Oplot!


I started working with team of the SC Oplot, which is nowadays one of the most famous clubs of the ex-USSR area. The people behind the SC Oplot are real professionals, big names and good prospective ones. I am glad to be a part of this team and contribute to… Read more